May 4, 2022

ElderHelp of San Diego Keeps Seniors’ Homes Safe

Gretchen Veihl, Director of Philanthropy, ElderHelp of San Diego


ElderHelp's Home Safety Team is back in action--keeping seniors safe inside and outside of their own cherished homes. While helping Sady, a local San Diego elderly resident, with a yard cleanup project, the team noticed a set of unsafe concrete steps leading down to her garden.

"I would just take my time going up and down," said Sady. "Of course, it's great exercise for Mon Ami," she smiles while holding her beloved pup. But the team saw an opportunity to make it safer.

Using leftover supplies from a neighbor's project, some existing supports, and a few purchased materials, ElderHelp volunteers, Chris and John, installed a double railing so that Sady can steady herself and even rest on the way up and down the stairs, if needed.

"She's up and down several times a week, picking flowers from her garden and fruit from the trees in her lower yard,” said John. “Anything we can do to improve a senior's safety or keep them from falling is a win in our book."

ElderHelp’s Home Safety team has dedicated over 80 hours of service this past year—installing safety bars, smoke detectors, nighttime lighting and much more—all to help seniors live safely and confidently in their homes.

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