March 1, 2022

San Diego Women’s Week Celebrates 13 Years of Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion

Debra Rosen, President & CEO, North San Diego Business Chamber

San Diego Women’s Week will be hosting its 13th annual Leadership Conference at Town & Country Resort on March 11, 2022. Everyone is invited for a full day of networking, 7 keynote speakers, 2 panel discussions and more. The conference will discuss creative solutions to everyday issues affecting all of us in the workplace and in our daily lives. Many of the topics are focused and aligned with our partnership around Live Well San Diego.

Since its launch in 2010, San Diego Women’s Week has become one of San Diego’s biggest and most inclusive and diverse events to showcase the work of female leaders and trailblazers from around the country. Not only will you see diversity amongst the attendees, but also the keynote speakers. This year’s speakers are bright, articulate, diverse and their messages are empowering and inspiring to everyone.

San Diegan, Ugochi Iwuaba, one of this year’s keynote speakers, will be sharing with attendees how to use failure to fire up their success. This award-winning international designer always had a love for fashion. However, being the firstborn girl in a traditional Nigerian family, her parents disapproved and wanted her to pursue a more “prestigious” career as either a doctor or a lawyer. Hence, her fashion story starts after she emigrated to the United States. Though she did launch her luxury brand in 2017, she started with no capital after being wrongfully terminated from her job and discovering that she was pregnant with a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome. In spite of these circumstances, Iwuaba did not stop moving forward. Her efforts have paid off, and her designs have been showcased at various international fashion week shows in London and New York and appearing on the 2021 Met Gala Red Carpet.

Deborah Dugan, another one of this year’s keynote speakers, will be sharing the importance of bringing your passion and purpose to work, and never leaving your values at the door. Deborah is a strategic leader, change agent, purpose-driven marketer, and social entrepreneur recognized as one of the "100 Most Powerful Women" by Forbes, “Top Woman to Help Change the World” by Elle, and "Nelson Mandela Changemaker” by PTTOW!. Deborah’s illustrious career spans progressive leadership milestones starting as an attorney on Wall Street to becoming Executive Vice President at the EMI Record Group, President of Disney Publishing Worldwide, CEO of (RED), the first female CEO (in 62 years) of the Recording Academy™ and currently, head of social & global reform at Handshake.

What San Diego Women’s Week has done for women and business leaders in the workforce is invaluable. Sharing other successful stories encourages others to make similar leaps. They are at the forefront of a continuously rising wave of gender equality. You can make female empowerment a goal for yourself in 2022 and attend the Leadership Conference virtually or in-person on March 11. Purchase a San Diego Women’s Week Leadership Pass by visiting

Please email for a discounted virtual ticket code if you are experiencing financial hardship.