April 22, 2021


Brooke Stance, Communications & Events Manager, North County Lifeline

North County Lifeline’s Club Crown Heights is a free afterschool program that serves youth in grades K-12 who live in the Crown Heights, Oceanside neighborhood. The program serves youth disproportionately affected by the pandemic, who are balancing the tensions of family economic stress, racial inequities, social isolation, and distanced learning, all of which takes a toll on their mental health. The Club Crown Heights program has remained open during this time and continues to offer modified services to youth including outdoor activities through Lifeline’s continued partnership with Outdoor Outreach.

During the month of April, over 20 youth in San Diego County had the opportunity to experience outdoor recreation, environmental education, and stewardship activities. The group mountain biked through the San Luis Rey River Trail in Oceanside, from the valley all the way to the Oceanside Harbor (approx. 10+ miles).

"It was great to see our Club Crown Heights youth outdoors again and see them challenging themselves after months of social isolation. We had youth who had never ridden a bike, learn - and they picked it up right away, which was my highlight of the trip" says Francisco Flores, Club Crown Heights Program Manager.

Last year, more than 150 kids participated in Club Crown Heights programs and achieved the following outcomes:

  • 81% of enrolled youth reported improved school attendance as measured by self-reports and school follow-ups by program staff.
  • 100% of enrolled youth reported no, or reduced, substance abuse as measured by self-reports.
  • 100% of youth participating in intensive case management or counseling increased their resiliency score on the San Diego Risk and Resiliency Checklist.
  • 98% of youth reported they feel safer and more engaged in their community.
  • 83% of youth who participated in STEM field trips improved their academic performance and are on a path to high school graduation.

“I started at CCH as little boy who was seeking safe place from all the drugs, gangs, and violence that surrounded me. Eight years later, I can leave CCH as a young man with a full ride to the University of California, San Diego. I couldn’t have done it without all the help and support of Club Crown Heights,” says, Jao, CCH Program Graduate.

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