March 22, 2021

University of San Diego Alumni Association Creates Bilingual Podcast for Children that Soars in Popularity During COVID-19 Pandemic

Elena Gomez, University of San Diego News Center


Looking to stay connected with their alumni community at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of San Diego Alumni Association created a podcast for children, catching the eyes and ears of parents and kids around the world.

The Tiny Toreros Storytime podcast was created by USD’s director of international engagement and alumni outreach, Claudia Iracema Gonzales, who is an alumna herself. “It was a very natural thing for me to do,” explained Gonzales. “I’m bilingual and bicultural, and I represent the University of San Diego, an institution of higher learning on the border with Mexico — how could the podcast not be bilingual?”

The idea was born out of a desire to connect with children like her own nieces in a way that was meaningful for both adult and child, especially as the country began to shut down due to the pandemic.  More than 50 episodes later, the podcast is produced out of Gonzales’ home, and has been downloaded more than 8,000 times in over 30 countries.  It was also recently named one of the best podcasts for children by Discover Pods due to its bilingual content.

Gonzales selects books both in Spanish and English that best embody the University of San Diego’s mission and vision.

“I’ve been able to share stories about self-esteem, about compassion, about caring for your pets, about caring for the planet. I have been able to find themes of empathy in books, and all of these things address the core value of who and what USD is.”

A new episode of the Tiny Toreros Storytime podcast can be downloaded weekly, for free, anywhere podcasts are offered.