Addressing Food Insecurity in National City through a Market Makeover

NEWS // October 23, 2018

Addressing Food Insecurity in National City through a Market Makeover

SDSU Center for Regional Sustainability Fall Newsletter

On June 30, 2018, the Sage Project and BrightSide collaborated with A Reason to Survive (ARTS) to beautify and transform one of the BrightSide stores in National City: The Old Town Market & Deli (also known as Big B's). 

BrightSide Produce provides a service that increases the accessibility, availability, and affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables by serving as a produce distributor that reaches food insecure customers in underserved communities through local stores. 

Through grant funding and community planning, the City of National City has been making efforts to address food insecurity in neighborhoods throughout the city, and many stakeholders have come together to address these goals, which culminated in a Market Makeover event that signaled one of many important steps towards this effort.

Collaboration with the local nonprofits led to the transformation of the Old Town Market & Deli to create a public space and healthy hub in the heart of Old Town National City. The collaboration included A Reason to Survive (ARTS); BrightSide Produce San Diego and the Sage Project; Spurlock Landscape Architects; the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency; the City of National City representatives and their Together We Can! Program; and the store owner. 

See a great time-lapse video of the event below!