November 5, 2021

ElderHelp is Safely Reconnecting Volunteers with Seniors for Smiles and Care

Gretchen Veihl, Director of Philanthropy, ElderHelp of San Diego

Together again, Patrick & Rebecca are on a mission, and so is ElderHelp of San Diego. Tripling the client base in the past 18 months, ElderHelp's growing Care Coordination Team is reaching out to seniors in their homes and slowly reconnecting in-person volunteers.

"I don't know what I would have done without Patrick through all of this," shares Rebecca an ElderHelp client. "He'd call me every Monday, bring deliveries from ElderHelp, and just take the time to listen."

From Patrick's perspective, an ElderHelp volunteer, it was just as hard.

"I just miss seeing her bustle through the store. I want to see her face and see how she's doing. We had a great shopping strategy before the shutdown. We'd get to the store, look at her list, and divide and conquer,” he smiles. "I know lemonade is always going to be on the list...and flowers. Flowers make everybody happy!" 

ElderHelp pays particular attention to personalized services that meet individual needs and prioritizes  health and safety. ElderHelp continues to serve over 500 community members who rely on the Food Pantry for deliveries of fresh produce and pantry staples. In addition, ElderHelp has helped 2,062 individuals receive housing support from trained staff offering rent relief and housing consultations. This past year, 784 members have utilized Seniors A Go Go, an escorted door to door transportation service, which has given rides to connect seniors to essential healthcare. ElderHelp also completed 14,500 check-in calls which help to reduce isolation and link seniors to resources to ensure their well-being.  Although many services have changed, the commitment to helping each senior receive the support they need to remain independent in their own cherished home has never changed.

As for Patrick & Rebecca, they've picked up right where they left off--back to bustling through the store, back to reviewing her list, back to 'divide and conquer,' back to lemonade, flowers, and happiness.

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