September 15, 2022

Resounding Joy Music Therapy Programs Bring Music to Those Who Need it the Most

Jess Blaisus and Stacey Sargent, Engagement Team Resounding Joy

Resounding Joy offers music therapy in the hospital and within the community to help build resilience for children with medical conditions, service members, veterans, first responders, isolated older adults, and all of their families. 

For children in the hospital, life is full of uncertainty. A child's entire family may also be experiencing a variety of emotions - fear, hope, anxiety - that can become overwhelming. However, when a music therapist comes into the room with a guitar in hand and a beaming smile, the stress and fear often melt away.  When everyone is drawn together, singing and playing instruments, it can give children and parents a much-needed break from worry. Often, allowing the child to just be a child, even if it’s just for a little while.

Hospital Impact:

  • 384 Pediatric patients served
  • 923 Hospital sessions
    • Patients with anxiety reported an average improvement of 68%
    • Patients with depressed mood reported an average improvement of 85%

Read more about their impact in their 2021 Annual Report.


How does Resounding Joy help build resilience?

Creative Expression

  • Embracing music through learning an instrument, jamming out or drumming, writing lyrics, or composing songs are examples of ways to share what you are feeling without the words.

Social Connectedness

  • Encouraging others, working in groups toward a shared purpose, peer support, and mentorship are excellent ways to build your resilience by practicing your communication skills and developing a support network.

Mental & Emotional Wellness

  • We meet people where they are during challenging times and use the power of music to uplift and support them. Music’s unique ability to navigate damaged areas of the brain and transcend verbal communication makes it a powerful tool in the hands of a qualified professional.


Programs include:

Healing Notes

  • The Ariana Miller Healing Notes Program uses music therapy to improve the cognitive, physical, psychological and social well-being of children facing severe, complex, or chronic medical issues in a variety of settings.

Sounds of Service

  • A military-focused music program, Sounds of Service (formally Semper Sound) increases resiliency and quality of life through building musical skills, designing strategies for emotional and mental well-being, and creative collaboration.

Sounds of Community

  • Provides music therapy and music wellness programming to support local agencies, as well as individuals and families in the community. Music therapists customize programs to enhance quality of life, resilience, family bonding, stress relief, and community development. We also welcome and train volunteers to provide social wellness visits, especially for isolated older adults.

Deacon John Roberts of Father Joe’s Village says of their Sounds of Community program:

“The Hausmann Quartet and Resounding Joy have provided an invaluable service to the families residing in our temporary shelter in Golden Hall. Our resident families look forward each week to sharing this adventurous, exciting and educational time… [Family Jam Sessions] allow families to have fun together, to de-stress, and to learn a little about music… I highly recommend this program for families, adults and children of all ages.”


In service to the community, Resounding Joy partners with many organizations to improve lives in San Diego County, including these Live Well Partners:

Resounding Joy has conducted individual and group programs with our community for almost two decades. The benefits of music therapy can be helpful to anyone, whether you are a child with medical challenges, a veteran, a senior living away from family, or another community member.

Learn more about how you can participate or help Resounding Joy further its mission using the power of music by visiting