Barrio Logan College Institutes Empowers Students and Community

NEWS // August 31, 2018

Barrio Logan College Institute Empowers Students and Community

Author: Liki Porotesano, Administrative Analyst I, County of San Diego Office of Strategy & Innovation

There is a widening income gap in the United States that continues to put pressure on underserved groups and communities that often lack access and support for a quality education. Although the community of Barrio Logan within the City of San Diego is rich with cultural heritage and history, the community struggles with low educational attainment and high poverty rates.

The Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) serves as a vital prevention strategy in the education arena, seeking to reverse the challenges faced by low-income, first generation college students. Located in the heart of Barrio Logan, BLCI continues with its mission to transform the lives of underserved youth through the ABCs: Academic Support, Behavioral Development, and College Knowledge.

The variety of programs offered at BLCI challenges and empowers students to achieve academic success. 100% of BLCI students successfully graduate from high school and go on to college, often returning to their community to give back to those that have supported their success. Stories of prosperous BLCI students have emerged and are beginning to change the narrative for disadvantaged youth and their communities. Additionally, community events provide an opportunity for students to engage and interact with residents and gain valuable leadership skills. Recently, BLCI students hosted a 2-day event on August 10th and 11th called the Communities Converse Conference that featured a cultural event with free food, music, an art gallery walk, and open mic the first day; followed by an empowering workshop and discussion about how to improve their communities through social advocacy on the second day.

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