Prevent Data Loss Through Regular Computer Backups

NEWS // August 23, 2019

Prevent Data Loss Through Regular Computer Backups

Teresa Valenzuela, Marketing Coordinator, San Diego Futures Foundation

When is the last time you cleaned and backed up your computer or phone? Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I backed up any of my tech. After all, who has time? You’ve taken safety measures to protect your computer like running operating system updates and maintaining anti-virus protection to help your computer operate optimally. But did you know you can still lose your data? Just like that, an electrical shortage, an accidental drop, or even a lost or stolen computer can render data lost and irretrievable. 

That’s why you need to be proactive about your computer’s health and schedule regular checkups just like you would with your doctor. In today’s tech-world, your technology’s health is just as important as your physical health. All your sensitive data is stored on your hard drive and cannot be replaced if the drive fails. Phone numbers, personal pictures and videos, and access to some important files like electronic tax returns are just a few examples of what you could lose as a result of not backing up your data.

Fortunately, data loss is preventable, and the remedy is simple: back up your data regularly. It is the single most important data protection task of all. There are many backup solutions available. In addition to backing up your data on your hard drive, it is also recommended to back up important data to other locations including:

·         Flash Drive

·         External Hard Drive

·         Remote Hard Drive

·         Online Storage Service

Unsure of where to start? Simply type the word “backup” in the search box located on your task bar on your home screen. Then follow instructions. You’ll be in good shape by practicing healthy tech habits and backing up data on a regular basis.

For hands-on help, San Diego Futures Foundation currently offers Digital Literacy workshops at nine sites throughout San Diego County where seniors are welcome to learn the basics about computers, including backing up data and internet safety.