August 16, 2021

San Diego Futures Foundation Provides Digital Literacy for San Diegans to Stay Connected

Teresa Valenzuela, Program Coordinator, San Diego Futures Foundation


As a tech nonprofit organization, the San Diego Futures Foundation has continuously and proactively cultivated alliances to better serve the community and help meet digital needs. Their programs and services are designed to help enhance individuals’ experiences with technology. 

Due to the immediate shift to online services and activities caused by the pandemic, the San Diego Futures Foundation expanded their digital literacy services and amplified their community reach by participating in the development of a city-wide Digital Navigator training program. The training program places navigators in public libraries and community centers and provides person-centered assistance to address the diverse digital needs in our communities. They offered opportunities for participants to learn how to connect digitally from home or from their phones and how to enhance their digital skills for work, school and everyday activities. 

Mary, a student at San Diego Futures Foundation, said, “Thank you so much, Whitney (a staff person at San Diego Futures Foundation). I am happy that you are so helpful, kind, extremely patient, and so knowledgeable and willing to teach. I can hardly wait to use my zoom.” 

San Diego Futures Foundation is proactively ensuring that everyone has equal access to resources and use of technology devices for everyday tasks. They offer digital training and support online and in person, to ensure that individuals coming to them understand how to navigate in today’s mobile world. With a continuing mission to improve lives through technology, the organization’s services include affordable computers, computer donations to nonprofits, free digital literacy training to individuals of all ages, and affordable information technology services. 

In addition, San Diego Futures Foundation has partnered with Grow with Google and are currently offering a Summer Growth program to help enhance job qualifications. To help boost workforce development, the organization is committed to help develop job-related programs essential for career advancement and is proud to collaborate with the community in offering programs such as the CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certification programs. 

Keegan, a student in the program states,

“Starting with the A+ program, I plan to continue my education with other certifications such as Security+. I want to be able to look back and remember that my amazing journey started here with the help of the San Diego Futures Foundation.” 

“We believe that Luz Duran Park has the potential to build a stronger community bond that will catalyze a bright future for the youth and generations to come,” said Araceli Mondragon, a Vista Community Clinic Health Specialist.

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For more information on the Summer Growth program, contact Shirley Barajas at To learn more about the A+ program, contact Azahalia Valdez at