News // April 08, 2014

Older Adults and Youth Team Up for Wellness

By the year 2040, older adults and youth will make up over 40% of the US population. These groups are our nation’s fastest growing resource. It is becoming increasingly clear that unique and innovative collaboration between generations—coined as “intergenerational”—benefits not only the individuals involved, but the community as a whole.

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, the North County Intergenerational Council, in partnership with the City of San Marcos, Palomar Health and Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) North County Regions, hosted the North County Intergenerational Games. Older adults from the San Marcos Senior Center and the surrounding community participated in an active, fun-filled day with local San Marcos youth.  Participants had the opportunity to be physically active and learn about related nutrition and wellness.

The day began with an inspirational speech from Lex Gillette, a visually impaired Paralympic medalist, world champion and world record holder in the long jump. Gillette inspired everyone and showed that no matter what, we can accomplish our dreams.

Then, the eager older adults and energetic youth were paired up and participated in activities like Zumba, field hockey, football throw, ‘knock down smoking’ bowling, a veggie toss and exercise dice. The 5210 Every Day! team was also on site to teach all participants about the benefits of healthy food options and Oasis CATCH Healthy Habits donated fun gear to help keep participants moving.  Participants were proud to present each other with Olympic-style medals to recognize the accomplishments of the day and all walked away with new friends and great memories.

This year, residents of San Diego County will have the opportunity to participate in three Intergenerational Games in San Marcos, Poway and Chula Vista. For more information about the Intergenerational Games, email Brynn Viale, Intergenerational Coordinator, HHSA North County Regions.

Written by Brynn Viale, Intergenerational Coordinator, HHSA North County Regions