Expanded Indicators Measure Volunteering for Charitable Organizations

NEWS // March 30, 2016

Expanded Indicators Measure Volunteering for Charitable Organizations

Volunteerism can be tremendously valuable for people of all ages. Young volunteers in particular can reap lifetime benefits by learning important skills and gaining valuable experiences that carry over into adulthood.

The Live Well San Diego Expanded Indicator - Volunteered for a Charitable Organization - measures the percent of the population who volunteered for a charitable organization in the last 12 months.

In addition to fostering civic engagement, volunteerism exposes youth to diversity and multiculturalism and helps them to discover their strengths, talents and passions. Through volunteer work, young people can develop many skills, which will help when they enter the job market later in life. These skills include communication, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, planning and creativity.

Volunteerism has been found to promote healthy lifestyles and choices.  Youth who serve others are less likely to become involved in at-risk behaviors and are more likely to do well in school, graduate and vote.

High school students who volunteer can have an advantage over other students when applying for college. Their volunteer work will illustrate their interests, character and commitments that college admission officers may want to bring to their campus communities.

Although young people may find it challenging to find time for volunteer work, the lifelong personal benefits and benefits to the community are well worth the effort to help create a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving. 

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