County Employees Support Local Efforts With Generosity

NEWS // November 29, 2016

County Employees Generously Support Local Charitable Efforts

The San Diego County Employees’ Charitable Organization, best known as CECO, celebrated its 60th diamond anniversary this year.  In 1956, CECO became the charitable arm of the County of San Diego and San Diego Superior Court employees and has consistently been there to 'lend a hand' to the community since. Through the generosity of County employees, CECO has distributed more than $6.7 million in grant funds. That is worth repeating – County employees both active and retired gave $6.7 million dollars of their earnings to support the efforts of local non-profit organizations that serve those who have difficulty serving themselves.  Not only are County employees generous with their earnings, but they are also generous with their time as employees administer CECO’s activities as volunteers.

One hundred percent of employees’ donations to CECO have been distributed by way of grants to diverse groups and communities in the San Diego region and to people in need. This sometimes includes County employees, as part of the money raised by CECO is allocated to the Employee Crisis Fund . The Employee Crisis Fund is a special fund established so that employees and retirees of the County of San Diego who are experiencing a one-time financial crisis have a place to turn when they are in need.

In honor of its commitment and generosity to the community, CECO received a proclamation from the County Board of Supervisors for its 60 years of leadership. That proclamation was one of two received by CECO during this diamond anniversary year. In November 2016, CECO was proclaimed a Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner, a designation that acknowledges CECO’s mission to support local non-profits that are human care organizations.

As CECO closes out 2016 and the current annual fundraising drive, they are on track once again to distribute thousands of dollars in grant funds to area non-profits. CECO exemplifies the care that County of San Diego employees have for their community and their interest in making sure this region is healthy, safe and thriving.