Somali Family Services Flourishes in City Heights

NEWS // November 15, 2017

Somali Family Services Flourishes in City Heights

On November 4, 2017, Somali Family Services of San Diego, with the help of national nonprofit Islamic Relief USA, organized a “Day of Dignity” event in City Heights where staff and volunteers passed out blankets, school supplies and personal hygiene kits to low-income and homeless individuals and families. Attendees were able to receive flu shots, Hepatitis A vaccines, medical and dental screenings and other resources, all provided by local organizations, including the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency. The event was open to all in need, and several East African immigrants attended. The event, which is part of a national movement held in more than a dozen other cities, is meant to alleviate the burden of searching for everyday resources.

“[Somali Family Services] is a bridge,” said City of San Diego Council Member Georgette Gomez who was also in attendance. “Making sure that the refugee community is aware of resources that are available to them, and also making sure that the services are available in the languages that they speak.”

For almost 20 years, Somali Family Services has worked in partnership with local and national nonprofit leaders, law enforcement and government agencies to create a better way of life for Somalis and other East Africans through culturally and linguistically competent services. The nonprofit cultivates health and wellness, youth and parent engagement, and economic development opportunities for more than 30,000 East African immigrants and refugees across the region.

To flourish is to develop successfully; to thrive, prosper and do well.  Through events like these, Somali Family Services is dedicated to helping East African refugees and immigrants flourish in San Diego County.

Article submitted by Carrie Farrell, C-Far Consulting