News // February 14, 2014

Balboa Park Visitors Checked for Healthy Hearts

On this warm, sunny Valentine's Day, which has drawn families, couples, tourists and many others to Balboa Park, people are stopping by the Love Your Heart table near the Bea Evans Fountain to get their blood pressure checked. Lucien Berrier was waiting at the park when he noticed the offer to get a free blood pressure check. He decided to get his blood pressure checked, which was a little higher than normal. But given that he had been walking around a bit he wasn't too surprised. His message to others on Valentine's Day is to "come out and get your blood pressure checked at the park".

Another park visitor, Penny Rothschild, was out with a friend at the park and after exercising felt a little "woozy". So she decided to stop by the Love Your Heart table. She was relieved that her numbers were in the normal range and she plans to continue to exercise and eat right! Her message today is "take care of your heart, and be a sweetheart!".

Balboa Park's Love Your Heart event is supported by volunteers of the San Diego Fire and Rescue Dept.

Mr. Lucien Berrier gets his blood pressure checked by Tyler of the EMSTA paramedic school
EMTSA Paramedic School partners with the County of San Diego to staff a Love Your Heart table at Balboa Park