News // February 24, 2014

Code-A-Thon Winners Combine Health and Technology

Eighteen teams – with names like “Predictably Well” and “The Flying Turtles” – squared off over the weekend with cash prizes at stake to convert health data into useful tools for the public in the San Diego County Code-a-Thon.

In the end, John Alexander’s design for a mobile application that educates residents about the health of their communities along with resources to lead healthier lives – such as locations of gyms, supermarkets, farmers markets and health providers based on their location – took the top prize of $9,000.

“I liked the challenge of simplifying the data and presenting it so that the public can not only grasp it, but actually use it,” said Alexander, a San Diego State University alum who now designs web applications for the military.

Code-a-Thon was hosted by the County of San Diego, Health 2.0 and the California HealthCare Foundation. Teams competed for $20,000 in prizes that was split among the top six proposals. The San Diego event was part of a national series of code-a-thons involving public data that took place over the weekend. The prize money was donated by the California Healthcare Foundation.

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