News // February 03, 2014

Edible San Diego Hosts School Garden Contest

In schools and neighborhoods across the country, gardens have become a powerful tool for promoting learning, healthy living, environmental awareness, and social connections. Research shows that students who participate in school garden programs score higher on academic tests and consume more fruits and vegetables.

Inspired by the benefits of school gardens and invested in promoting healthier food and the understanding of how and where food comes from to children and families, Edible San Diego is hosting a School Garden of the Year Contest this spring.
Edible San Diego’s idea for the contest came from another Edible publication in New Jersey that sponsored a school garden contest as a way of encouraging and bringing interest to the school gardens in their area. Their contest was very successful, with more than 150 schools participating.

Schools with gardens in San Diego are invited to enter to win awards in the following categories:

            • Best Nutrition Education-based Garden
            • Garden With the Best Community Collaboration
            • Best Environmental Education-focused Garden
            • Overall Best School Garden of the Year

The contest is open to any type of elementary school (K through 6), including public, independent, parochial, and charter.

Schools participate by showing how they use their gardens in lessons, how they use the food produced, and how the community participates. Photo documentation and a written description are required as part of the application. The contest covers gardens in existence during the 2013-2014 school year.

The Overall Best School Garden of the Year award winner will receive a grant to be used for the purchase of garden equipment and materials, etc. (amount depending on sponsor contributions).  Winners of the other three categories will receive smaller cash awards.

The winners will also be the subject of a story (minimum 3 pages) in the Fall 2014 issue of Edible San Diego.

All of the funds will be awarded to the winners and will not be used for contest expenses.
Schools must submit Participation Form online by April 15, 2014. Submit application by May 1, 2014 (application information available soon).

Contest information, participation form and sponsorship information are all online. Or contact Edible San Diego for more information:

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