News // February 28, 2014

Encinitas Community Joins Together to Partner with Live Well San Diego

Walking through the main streets of Encinitas, visitors can now see brightly-colored Live Well San Diego recognized partner seals peeking out of numerous store windows. The Encinitas community has embraced Live Well San Diego like no other community in the region.  Last month, Supervisor Dave Roberts and Health and Human Services Agency Deputy Director Chuck Matthews presented proclamations to six new Live Well San Diego recognized partners in Encinitas:  Cardiff 101 Main Street Association, City of Encinitas, Encinitas 101 Main Street Association, Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, Lux Art Institute, and Leucadia 101 Main Street Association.  

The Encinitas community has demonstrated their continued commitment to the Live Well San Diego initiative by working together to bring in new partner organizations, sharing information and resources, and coordinating events that support living well for their customers and neighbors.  The formal recognitions were held during the opening day festival of the 4th Annual Wellness Week on January 25, 2014, at the Encinitas branch of the San Diego County Library.  Wellness Week, hosted by the Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association in collaboration with Cardiff 101, Leucadia 101 and the City of Encinitas, is a week-long program of events and special offers designed to help residents learn about and experience ways to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Read below to learn more about the new Encinitas community Live Well San Diego partners:

Cardiff 101 Main Street Association
Cardiff 101 is a non-profit community organization that works to maintain the beauty and economic well-being of Cardiff-by-the-Sea.  Many annual events held by the organization encourage residents to thrive and enjoy the highest quality of life.  The Art Alive Banner Program promotes local artists in the community.  The artist’s work is then hung on lamp posts. The annual Cardiff Surf Classic & Green Fair showcases an incredible surf spot with nearly 100 vendors set up on the beach to promote living a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.  In addition, Cardiff 101 maintains an all-organic community park that is mainly run by volunteers called Carpentier Parkway.

City of Encinitas
The City of Encinitas makes strong efforts to promote health, fitness and safety for the community through various facilities, programs, policies and strategies.  Encinitas supports safe, walkable communities through the development of the Encinitas Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Scorecard, a resource to help community groups shape programs, share strategies, take advantage of funding opportunities and detail specific priority SR2S projects in order to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety. Let’s Move, Encinitas! is a prime example of how the City is working in partnership with WalkSanDiego to accomplish a city-wide pedestrian travel and Safe Routes to School Plan.  Additionally, the City of Encinitas promotes affordable and accessible venues that support physical activities and healthy lifestyles choices for people of all ages.  Weekly farmers markets boast access to fresh and local fruits and vegetables. Parks, open space, beaches, trails, recreation facilities and year-round programs and special community events ensure life-long fitness.

Encinitas 101 Main Street Association
Encinitas 101 works to preserve, improve and promote Downtown Encinitas.  In addition to the annual presentation of Wellness Week, the association hosts a weekly farmers market and gives out free market dollars for biking and walking.  Its two annual street fairs include educational and recreational activities for kids, a dog park, and free bike valets.  Upon becoming a partner, Encinitas 101 has launched its first Live Well San Diego initiative: Viva MainStreet! - Living Well in Downtown Encinitas.  Through Viva MainStreet!, the association is offering free health benefits to all employees in its downtown district, including free health screenings, free weekly massages, free farmer’s market dollars and group walks.

Encinitas Chamber of Commerce
The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce supports many business partners directly by emphasizing the importance of wellness, nature and sports in the unique community of Encinitas. The Chamber has been a strong advocate in driving support for the Live Well San Diego initiative to local businesses. The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce website provides local businesses with tips and ideas on how to improve their families’ and employees health and safety, which in turn improves work and home environments.

Lux Art Institute
Lux Art Institute is a place where visitors can experience the artistic process in an engaging and meaningful way.  The Lux Nature Trail is an outdoor gem where visitors can hike by hundreds of native plants and apple trees. The Lux Artist Pavilion is one of the only LEED certified green buildings in the County of San Diego.  As a partner, Lux is committed to supporting the community’s interaction with art and making it accessible to all ages. All visitors who ride a bike to Lux enjoy free admission.

Leucadia 101 Main Street Association
Leucadia 101 Main Street Association plays an instrumental role in the revitalization effort for the North Coast Highway 101 corridor.  Through their community partnerships, the organization promotes membership involvement and cooperation among the many entities that play a role in the revitalization.  Leucadia 101 Main Street is dedicated to providing the community with various events that promote healthy lifestyles.  These events include the Leucadia Art Alive Banners featuring local artists showcasing their work to the public, free live music at events, and the Leucadia farmers market.