News // February 14, 2014

Healthy Hearts at San Marcos Senior Center

San Marcos senior center is hosting many Valentine's Day activities today including a sock hop for seniors and a Love Your Heart campaign free blood pressure screening table in their front lobby.


Georganne Grotey (left), Senior Services Supervisor of the San Marcos Senior Center and 2013 Public Health Champion, said that she got her blood pressure checked for her husband. She wants to make sure that they're both around for a long time living healthy lives. When asked how she is feeling after her free blood pressure screening, she said, "Energized! I know that I am healthy!"

Barbara Turrentine (right), a retired nurse from Escondido, volunteers to do blood pressure screenings at the San Marcos Senior Center every other Monday. She loves giving back to her community and serving so volunteering for Love Your Heart was a perfect fit.


Sylvia Shipps (left), a nursing student at Palomar College, said she was brought on a tour of the senior center to learn more about their work.  She was excited to be part of Love Your Heart because she wants to be involved in the community.  When asked what she would like to say to her family on Valentine's Day, she said; "Stay healthy so you're around for very long time!"

Jessica Rizo (right), a nursing student at Palomar College, said Love Your Heart is a great event. When asked if she has a message for Valentine's Day to her family, she said; "I love you very much!"