News // February 14, 2014

South Region Family Resource Center Helps Residents Love Their Hearts

South Region Public Health Nurses, San Diego State University Nursing Students, and US University Nursing Students are providing free blood pressure checks today at the South Region FRC and Public Health Center, located at 690 Oxford Street in Chula Vista.  A diverse group of clients including families, children and senior citizens have been taking part in the free screenings.  By 10 a.m., more than 60 individuals had completed a free blood pressure screening at the South Region site in support of the Love Your Heart campaign.

Alberta Smith, after completing her free blood pressure screening, says; "I take care of my grandson, so I thought it was important to get my blood pressure checked." She feels her blood pressure could be lower, so she plans to eat more vegetables, drink more water and walk more. Her message to her family on Valentine's Day? "I love them all, especially my baby sister, older sister and brothers."
Tania Ortiz, after getting her blood pressure checked, says she completed a screening today because "I was not in a rush, so I thought 'why not?' get it checked?" She says she is happy that her blood pressure was normal and that she feels good. Her message to her family: "I love you all, Happy Valentine's Day!"
Debi Erick, Dean of US University, says, "It's important to raise awareness about blood pressure and to have our students be able to participate and have practical application is the key." Her message to her family: "Happy Valentine's Day and go get your blood pressure checked!"