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NEWS // February 13, 2015

Balboa Park Visitors Learn to Love Their Hearts

Jaime Rubio was already 'loving his heart' while riding his bike along the trails of Balboa Park when he decided to also get his blood pressure checked. With a history of hypertension, Jaime wanted to know his numbers before his next doctor visit. Feeling good after his screening, his message to San Diego residents today is to "Keep fit always! Get outside and be active for your heart."

Ralph Rubio, a San Diego Fire and Rescue Department volunteer on his day off, especially enjoys providing screenings for Love Your Heart at Balboa Park because of the diversity of people he gets to meet, from museum visitors of all ages to tourists from Minnesota escaping the winter cold. Ralph emphasizes the importance of a healthy heart having grown up in his Hispanic culture eating "lots of rice and beans but not much fresh fruit." He adds that, "Minorities are more predisposed to heart conditions, so it's important to know your numbers today." 

Estefania De Los Santos, 18, was one of the youngest participants today at Balboa Park. She was curious about her blood pressure and wanted to learn more about how to keep her heart healthy.
Jaime Rubio took a break from riding his bike in Balboa Park to stop by the Love Your Heart booth and see if his hypertension was in check.