Dance Around the World with Live Well San Diego

NEWS // February 27, 2015

All Ages Come Together through the Universal Language of Music and Dance

On February 21, 2015, nearly 45 people attended the Dance Around the World event at Bonita-Sunnyside Library Branch. This intergenerational event was co-sponsored by the library, the County’s Health and Human Services Agency South Region and Aging and Independence Services. The instructor, Nikola Clay, inspired people of all ages to come together to sing, laugh, and dance as they experienced a variety of cultures through the universal language of music and dance.  Dances included “El Juego Chirimbolo” from Ecuador, “La Mariposa” from Bolivia, “Yesh” from Israel, “The Penguin Dance” from Antarctica, and “Walking to the Left” from Australia, and “The Chinese Ribbon Dance,” which included made-up dance moves from participants.

More than dancing, participants also had the opportunity to gain wisdom from different generations and learn about cultural experiences by getting into small discussion groups. One older woman proudly shared that “Thailand is the land of smiles;” others shared about their love for their family and their love of their Mexican cultural dances.  Information about community programs and intergenerational events was also shared.

Overall, participants expressed gratitude for the event, with one particularly stating, “We want more events like this!” Based on survey results, many felt like they understood and knew more about different generations and cultures as a result of their participation.

The Dance Around the World event supports the County’s Live Well San Diego initiative by promoting a thriving community that brings together generations and cultures and encourages active lifestyles.

Dance Around the World with Live Well San Diego


Dance Around the World with Live Well San Diego