Northgate Gonzalez Escondido Love Your Heart 2015

NEWS // February 13, 2015

Northgate Gonzalez Market Supports Healthy Hearts in Escondido

By 10:00 am on February 13, 2015, more than 50 Escondido community members had been screened at the local Northgate Gonzalez Market. Local firefighters and nurses volunteered to participate in Love Your Heart to help their local community and inform residents of the importance of heart health. Senior Volunteer Firefighter, Margaret Rackleff, was particularly moved to share resources and educate local seniors.

A resident of Escondido since 1949, Rackleff is passionate about working with and giving back to her community stating, “I’m here because it’s very important; our heart keeps us moving!”

Firefighter/Paramedic David Lombardi informed a community member of the importance of knowing their blood pressure stating, “high blood pressure is an early indicator of other health risks like stroke or cardio vascular disease.”

Northgate Gonzalez Market, an official Live Well San Diego partner, is hosting Love Your Heart sites across San Diego County. Check out the entire list of Love Your Heart screening sites here >>


Northgate Escondido Love Your Heart 2015

Back row, left to right: Margaret Rackleff, Senior Volunteer Firefighter; David Lombardi, Escondido Firefighter/Paramedic; Anthony Pando, Escondido Fire; Brett Osmus, Escondido Fire; Sonia Hernandez, CSUSM Nursing Student
Front, left to right: Kayla and Rosa Rocha Merino, Community Members

Northgate Gonzalez Escondido Love Your Heart 2015


Northgate Gonzalez Escondido Love Your Heart 2015