Community Connects Veterans to Opportunities

NEWS // February 17, 2016

Community Connects Veterans To Opportunities

When a service member transitions from active duty to veteran status, a civilian job search can raise many questions. How can I best explain my skill set on my resume? Where do I go to look for job opportunities? Who can I trust to help guide me in the right direction?

Many veterans seeking jobs prefer assistance - not in the form of charity, but with the opportunity to connect with the greater community. At the same time, many individuals in the San Diego community are looking for meaningful ways to work with military and veteran families as they transition back to life in San Diego.   Vets’ Community Connections (VCC) brings these two groups together.

VCC is a community-based initiative designed to involve more people in working with veterans and their families as they transition from active duty to civilian life. Volunteers can assist in many areas, from health, recreation and business to education, arts and community service.  And they can do so within their own time limits and on their own schedules.

Recent research suggests that veterans and their families want personal connection and not another online tool.  They desire to connect with community members who can:

  • Volunteer their time and expertise
  • Help translate their military skills to civilian jobs
  • Mentor them and offer networking opportunities
  • Provide career advice and assistance with trade professions
  • Offer guidance with money management, finances and budgeting

VCC is looking for community members who want to do more for military and veteran families by sharing their own professional experiences.

Individuals APPLY HERE

VCC is also looking for organizations interested in offering a discount to San Diego veterans and their families or in hiring a veteran. 

Organizations APPLY HERE.

Learn more about how you can play a role in San Diego’s Vets’ Community Connections, by watching the video below.