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NEWS // January 13, 2015

Love Your Heart and Theirs

Being around a pet, or better yet owning one, is good for your heart and for your pet’s heart too! People and animals share a unique bond that can enrich the life of both, physically and emotionally. It has been scientifically shown for years that owning a pet can reduce stress and blood pressure levels, improve heart attack survival chances, and lessen loneliness, psychological instability and depression, which is a serious disease faced by many of all ages.

Caring for a pet can provide a sense of purpose and responsibility, not to mention the fact that a pet loves the attention and companionship as well!  This interaction requires both to be more active, which is great for your heart and your pet’s heart, and it enables both of you to function better in your daily life.  Walking with your pet increases social interaction and mental stimulation, plus it keeps your body fit and your heart strong.  Did you know people who own pets actually make fewer visits to the doctor?

Don’t forget pets are wonderful, loving companions and they can often outshine many people when it comes to providing affection, unconditional love and friendship.  Everyone can use doses of that!  Owning a pet can help you love your heart and live well.  Consider adding a pet from County Animal Services to your family!  It does a body good.