Northgate Gonzalez Markets Wins 2014 Community Outreach Award

NEWS // January 21, 2015

Northgate Gonzalez Markets Wins 2014 Community Outreach Award

On January 21, 2015, Northgate Gonzalez Markets’ “Viva La Salud” program was recognized by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) as the winner of its 2014 Community Outreach Award for Neighborhood Health Improvement Programs.  Winners were selected across four categories: programs addressing food insecurity, youth development, neighborhood health improvement programs and community engagement.   The awards recognize creative, charitable programs established and carried out by food retailers to enhance the lives of those in the communities they serve.

“In an industry experiencing tumultuous change, the generous spirit and community-focused attitude of food retailers remains a constant,” said David Fikes, FMI’s vice president of communications and consumer affairs. “Our 2014 awardees, and all nominees, demonstrated great creativity and dedication in finding new ways of fulfilling the food retailer call to feed families and enrich the lives of those they serve.”

Northgate Gonzalez Markets created the “Viva la Salud” program to provide affordable, quality health products and services, including in-store mammograms and health screenings.  Other winners are Food Lion Feeds in the category of Programs Addressing Food Insecurity, Hy-Vee / Sanford Legends in the category of Youth Development Programs, and Russ’s Market Russ’s Community Rewards in the new category of Community Engagement.

Each winner will receive $1,000 from FMI to further their program.

Northgate Gonzalez Markets continues to serve as a committed partner of the County of San Diego’s Live Well San Diego initiative and understands the power of collective impact when tackling chronic diseases and food insecurity. Northgate Gonzalez Markets was the first business to become a recognized  Live Well San Diego partner in April 2013, and since that time they continue to lead the way for the business industry in making health and wellness a priority for their customers and staff.

Congratulations to Northgate Gonzalez Markets on this wonderful award!