The Boys & Girls Club Character Building and Health & Wellness Programs

NEWS // July 15, 2016

The Boys & Girls Club Character Building and Health & Wellness Programs

One of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego's key programmatic priorities is Character Building. Their goal is to help young people from diverse, low-income backgrounds build strong characters and helping them develop their leadership skills for the future.

BE A H.E.R.O - Their Anti-Bullying program helps youth, ages 5-18, develop the skills and resiliency needed to stand up to bullies, and to be able to stand up for others. The impact of this curriculum-based program on young members is profound. Through their participation, they develop an understanding of bullying and the practical skills needed to combat it. This also helps youth who might be victims of bullying, to know where to turn for help. The Boys & Girls Club also offers support and resources for those who might bully others. Last year alone, more than 4,200 young people from The Boys & Girls Club of San Diego’s 19 sites participated in this program.

The Boys & Girls Club of San Diego is also deeply committed to ensuring the health and well-being of their members. The club engages youth in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, teaches them about nutritional eating, and making healthy life style choices. Last year, close to 1,700 members participated in their Planet Health programs and activities. These initiatives engage youth in a variety of hands-on activities designed to help them build strong healthy living habits. 1,357 members participated in their annual Summer Games, which featured a variety of Olympic-style sporting events such as track and field, soccer, swimming, dodgeball, basketball, capture the flag, and kickball. Their community partners included Chicken of the Sea, Kohl's, Geico, EPMG, GAP, Marriott, Pettit Kohn, Union Bank, and the Zable Foundation along with many others who supported them through the donation of food, water, and other supplies and services. The goal of these programs is to help young people, particularly those from diverse, low-income backgrounds, grow up to be healthy, strong, and capable adults and future leaders in their communities.