Burn Institute Installs Free Smoke Alarms

NEWS // July 1, 2016

Burn Institute Installs Free Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives and the Burn Institute wants to keep you and your neighbors safe from a house fire. The majority of fatal home fires occur at night and the smell of smoke won't always wake you up. In fact, fire produces toxic gases which can put you into a deeper sleep.  Having working smoke alarms in your home cuts your chances of dying in a house fire because it alerts you to the danger in time to escape.  National safety statistics show that adults age 65 and older are two times more likely to die in a home fire than any other segment of the population, and for those over age 75 that risk nearly quadruples.

"One way seniors can improve the chances of escaping a home fire is by making sure their home is equipped with working smoke alarms," said Susan Day, Burn Institute Executive Director. The Burn Institute offers year-round to seniors FREE smoke alarms and installation by screened and trained volunteers.

If you do not have working smoke alarms in your home, or would like to have them tested, contact the Burn Institute today to learn how you qualify for this free program. In 2015, nearly 1500 homes in the community received this free program and now have working smoke alarms with 10-year lithium batteries helping to protect the residents. Homeowners and residents will be given a liability release to complete and sign authorizing access to property and the installation of smoke alarms. 

This program is generously funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

To receive your FREE smoke alarm installation, contact them today for an appointment by calling 858-541-2277 X18 or by visiting the website.