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NEWS // July 30, 2016

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Choir All 'Bout the Blues

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Choir is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is, “Singing Gospel and Promoting the Arts". They support the youth of the community by awarding educational grants to San Diego County, college bound high school students who will pursue a degree in the Visual and Performing Arts. MLKCCSD celebrates and educates their communities through local, regional, and international performances of traditional and contemporary Negro Spirituals and gospel music, raising funds to provide the educational grants to qualifying seniors.

Annually their Assistant Choir Director, Arnessa Rickett, creates, produces, choreographs, and directs a highly acclaimed, musical theater fundraiser, "All 'Bout the Blues" utilizing many genres of music; i.e. Negro Spirituals, gospel, jazz, rock and roll, R & B, swing, etc. that is family friendly and affordable to diverse San Diego County communities.

For the past 5 years this musical theater event has been held at the Joan Kroc Center. MLKCCSD recruits children and youth within San Diego County who have demonstrated artistic talents such as dance, playing musical instruments, the spoken word, etc. to perform in this event with some of San Diego's finest, professional musicians. Artistic expression has tremendous value on developing strong cognitive abilities, positive social relationships, and a strong sense of wellbeing for our young people.

La Mesa Middle School students under the direction of Mrs. Alison Lindsay of the Arts Department submit artwork which is incorporated the in annual programs. Members of the volunteer choir and the community serve as ushers and assist at the event. Volunteers from small businesses and community organizations set up booths to display and market products. MLKCCSD's longstanding interest and work in the arts, volunteerism, and education throughout the SD County area align with Live Well San Diego's vision for San Diego, specifically in the Thriving component.