Neighborhood House Project In-Reach Provides Behavioral Health Support for Incarcerated Individuals

NEWS // July 29, 2016

Neighborhood House Association's Project In-Reach Provides Behavioral Health Support for Incarcerated Individuals

The Project In-Reach Program is a Prevention and Early Intervention Mental Health Program for incarcerated individuals. They provide pre- and post-release in-reach services to get clients treatment-ready and link them to community resources such as inpatient and/or residential AOD (alcohol and other drugs) and Mental Health programs, outpatient AOD and Mental Health programs including other health services. Some of the programs or services they closely collaborate with are Center Star ACT, North Star ACT, Jane Westin, Telecare, Crash, KIVA, Project Enable, Clubhouses, McAlister, Homeless Shelters, and Faith Base programs such as In His Steps or Welcome Home Ministry.

The Certified Substance Use Case Managers at Project In-Reach teach classes and conduct groups at each facility for an hour and a half every other week. The program provides transportation, clothing, food and other resources for individuals, if needed. Currently the Project In-Reach Team serves three jails in San Diego County, Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility, George Bailey Detention Facility and East Mesa Reentry Facility. The services of Project In-Reach are coordinated with the County of San Diego HHSA AOAMHS. Since its inception in 2012, the program has served over 500 clients. The program's reoffending rate is 17%, which demonstrates the high quality of their program and the level of expertise that characterizes Project In-Reach staff. Not only does Project In-Reach enable its clients to lead happier, healthier lives, the program also contributes to enhancing the safety of our communities by supporting its clients to reenter society as productive citizens.

The development of one of their clients shows the effectiveness of their efforts. Ms. N. was accepted into the Project In-Reach program in June 2015. As a heavy and long-term methamphetamine user she had experienced the inadvertent consequences of repeated incarceration. As a Project In-Reach client, she set out to accept the unmanageability of her drug addiction by developing a relapse prevention plan which would set her up for successful reentry into the program while learning the tools necessary to become a self-sufficient woman. During her incarceration she participated in many classes offered by Project In-Reach and frequently met with her case manager with whom she was able to develop a trusting relationship.

The two women managed to relate to each other well and were able to reach a common understanding of the issues that had accompanied Ms. N. for many years. In fact, Ms. N. is a prime example for how incredibly important the quality of the relationship between the client and Project In-Reach staff is. In December 2015, Ms. N. seemed to have reached the point at which she was in full acceptance of her recovery plan. During one of her visits with her case manager, she exclaimed, "Ms. Annette, I told everyone that I have an awesome case manager, thank you so much!" Upon release Ms. N was linked to different community resources, including therapeutic and medical services. Throughout her post-release care coordination she kept in close contact with her case manager who encouraged and supported her throughout her recovery. Ms. N. eventually moved to Las Vegas to pursue a new career and build a new life. Today she is employed with the Touro University of Nevada, maintains her sobriety and enjoys her new outlook on life. Her case manager, Ms. Annette is incredibly proud of her and the two continue to exchange emails about Ms. N's recovery.