Serving Seniors Helps Aging Adults Remain Independent

NEWS // July 14, 2016

Serving Seniors Helps Aging Adults Remain Independent

Many older adults in the community are at risk because they lack sufficient resources to meet their basic needs. Since 1970, Serving Seniors has strived to help seniors in poverty live healthy and fulfilling lives. Serving nearly 600,000 meals annually at 10 congregate dining sites, as well as providing activities, social services, and health education at their Senior Wellness Center, allows struggling seniors to remain independent in their community. Case Managers connect homeless seniors with housing, meals, and counseling during a 90-day transitional period through the Homeless Prevention Program. In the past year between having two affordable housing sites and the success of the Homeless Prevention Program Serving Seniors placed 499 struggling seniors in safe permanent housing and has become a support system for those who may not otherwise have one.

John Currie Gets a Second Chance

John was born and raised in Michigan and moved to California to get away from the cold. John has worked in everything from factories to truck driving. He loves to be outdoors and in the environment. In 1996, he was involved in a critical motorcycle accident that put him out of work. He views his accident as a second chance at life and his opportunity to give back.

Once homeless, John is thankful that Serving Seniors was able to find him housing at 70. He says that “Now I’ve gotten a great place, the wait was well worth it. I feel so blessed.” He volunteers at Serving Seniors wherever needed, but most days you can find him helping out with breakfast in the dining room. He wakes up out of routine between 4:00 am and 5:00 am to start his day volunteering at our center.

His parents lived until they were 97 and 91, therefore he feels he has a lot more life to live and is able to enjoy every day because of it. In his free time, he loves to ride his bike around the city, loves to modify and build bikes, and enjoys making people laugh.