Susan G. Komen San Diego 2015-2016 Community Grants

NEWS // July 20, 2016

Susan G. Komen San Diego 2015-2016 Community Grants

Susan G. Komen San Diego is a grassroots organization focused on equal access to breast health care for all. Susan G. Komen San Diego conducts an in-depth needs assessment every four years to study the county as a whole. This assessment looks at who is getting screened, who is not, and why; who is being diagnosed with breast cancer, at what stage, and where; what groups or populations are at highest risk; and what areas, geographically, are at highest risk. Through this needs assessment, referred to as the Community Profile, Susan G. Komen San Diego can better understand what barriers and gaps exist and how to effectively overcome and bridge gaps through their community grants.

In 2015-16, Komen San Diego granted out $1.1 million in community grants and international breast cancer research, funding ten programs here in San Diego County to provide the following free services:

  • Breast Health and Screening Education
  • Breast Health Care Coordination
  • Mobile Mammography
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Patient Navigation
  • Breast Cancer Patient Meal Delivery
  • Breast Cancer Patient Financial Assistance

Through these programs, the following was accomplished in San Diego County:

  • 4,502 individuals received care coordination including referrals and links for breast health resources
  • 615 individuals received intensive care coordination including in-home visits and personalized health navigation
  • 856 individuals were educated about breast health/cancer and insurance through one-on-one or small group settings
  • 542 individuals received free diagnostic services
  • 824 free diagnostic services were provided
  • 154 breast cancer patients received financial assistance
  • 39,240 free meals were delivered to breast cancer patients
  • 1,746 free mammograms were provided through mobile mammography
  • 389 breast cancer patients received free patient navigation
  • 29 breast cancers diagnosed