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NEWS // July 11, 2016

The Fellowship Center Recovery Coach Program Helps People Reach Their Full Potential

The North Inland region of San Diego County has a large and growing community of people and their families who are in recovery from a variety of addictions. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency defines recovery as a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. The Fellowship Center is an alcohol and drug treatment center in Escondido that developed a unique Recovery Coach Program designed to help people in recovery improve their health and wellness while reaching their full potential. The Recovery Coach Program is a next step for people after they have completed a treatment program and their addiction is in remission.

Prospective coaches are required to complete a rigorous 20 hour training program that meets for 2-1/2 hours for 8 consecutive Fridays. Coaches are trained in the latest evidence-based techniques proven to help people in recovery build motivation and confidence for change, develop a clear vision for wellness, set smart goals, and use their strengths to meet their goals to be successful in moving toward their full potential. Coaches learn about and practice using, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and other strength-based techniques in a coaching context. Coaches are trained to place a high value on respect and to help people select goals they want to achieve. Coaches are required to demonstrate a high level of skill through testing prior to being certified. Some coaches who have made it through the certification process say the training has changed their lives. They learn a way of communicating with others that brings out therapeutic traits and allows them to connect with people in a truly helpful way.

So far the program has specifically focused on men who have completed treatment and are transitioning into the recovery community. The program helps these men figure out how health and wellness supports their recovery, helps them identify powerful motivations to stay in recovery, and allows them to resolve challenges they face in reaching their wellness goals. The training is conducted at The Fellowship Center; however, the coaching is usually done over the phone.

The next training cohort begins the first Friday of September. All Live Well San Diego partners are encouraged to refer staff, interns, or volunteers to attend the coach training. The cost for the 20 hour training is $950.00; however, the fees are waived for those who commit to volunteer with The Fellowship Center after they are certified.