Community Rowing of San Diego

NEWS // June 5, 2018

Community Rowing Gets Residents Moving on South Bay Waters

Author – Dave Frost, Board Member, Community Rowing of San Diego

A summer day on the water beats any day at the office. That’s why Community Rowing of San Diego is inviting county residents to “get moving” by getting out on the water in rowing kayaks, shells or on standup paddleboards. Community Rowing of San Diego aims to make aquatic sports available to all and encourages everyone to take advantage of what makes San Diego the ideal location for water activities.

The National City Aquatic Center is a hidden gem and the ideal gateway to the waters of South San Diego Bay, which are wonderful for exercise, bird-watching and family activities. The City of National City has again permitted Community Rowing of San Diego to lead rowing, kayaking, yoga, and wellness activities at the Aquatic Center for summer programs. Through this partnership, Community Rowing of San Diego and the City of National City have been able to reduce the costs of programs by removing the cost of equipment rental as a barrier for being active. The goal is to enable all residents to get in the water and get moving. 

Through partnerships and community support and engagement, we aim to get more residents on the move. As more residents get moving, the more Community Rowing of San Diego can support them in their aquatic activities.

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