NEWS // June 12, 2018

Planting the Seeds of Diversity

Author – Jessica Geiszler, Marketing & Public Outreach Manager, County Parks and Rec

Being active is more than just a trip to the gym, it can include going on walks, engaging your core through yoga, or burning calories when gardening. On Saturday, April 21, County Parks hosted a community-wide Earth Day Appreciation Event and provided an opportunity for participants to give back to their communities while being active.

Some 160 people attended the 4-hour event at Lindo Lake County Park in Lakeside to participate in kid-friendly games and activities along with outdoor beautification projects like trash-pick-ups, succulent potting and tree planting. 

Representatives from 10 diversity and inclusion-driven Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) were also in attendance, personifying the County’s lean toward diversity and teamwork thanks to additional coordination by the Emerging Workforce Association ERG. 

By the end of the day, 13 desert museum trees were planted, along with 100 succulents which guests were able to pot and take home to amplify their own green space.    

“We love events like this because they allow volunteers to band together for the greater good,” said Ashley Westbrook, Parks and Recreation Supervisor. “Every little bit helps but with more people, representing a wealth of perspectives and experience, we’re able to get more done.”

Replenishing the tree canopy in San Diego is a top priority for County Parks. In fact, we’re on track to plant more than 4,000 trees at 30 parks, preserves and campgrounds in fiscal year 2017/18, with more on the horizon thanks to a $2M grant approved by the County Board of Supervisors.