Dickinson Farm Sunday Suppers

NEWS // June 4, 2017

Dickinson Farm Sunday Suppers Support Local Food Systems

Dickinson Farm, a veteran-owned urban small-plot farm in National City, hosts a quarterly Farm-to-Table Dinner, as way to connect those passionate about food and the local food system in South San Diego County. The Farm Dinners are meant to cultivate community through conversation while breaking bread. Bringing together foodies and food justice advocates, attendees indulge in locally-made beverages and the very food that was harvested on the farm, seeing it through the eyes of talented local chefs.

All profits from the evening benefit a local nonprofit that is also invited to attend the dinner and share with attendees the mission, vision and efforts of their organization. These dinners are a way to showcase the hard work that local partners put towards making a healthy, safe and thriving region. To date, over $1500 has been donated to support three small food systems charities, whose message has been spread to 146 community members. 

Watch the video: