Doyle Park Hosts English Conversation Group

NEWS // June 5, 2017

Doyle Park and Recreation Council hosts English conversation group for ESL learners

Doyle Park and Recreation Council has partnered with Ethnos Community Church to establish a monthly English Conversation Group at the Doyle Recreation Center. While the Council provided a meeting location for the group, Ethnos provided volunteers to facilitate the group activities. With a mutual mission to serve the residents of North University City, the partnership began when members of the two organizations met to discuss the needs of community members living near Doyle Park and how the organizations could work together. Given the very diverse demographics of the community, it was decided that a regular English conversation group would be beneficial for residents seeking to improve their English language skills.

On average, about 20 participants attend the weekly meetings, with several participants asking for an increased frequency and/or English as a Second Language class at the recreation center – both of which the Council and Ethnos are investigating.  The group’s presence in the community has served as a sign that all individuals—regardless of their country of origin—are welcome in University City. The group also helps residents who may feel real or perceived isolation due to their conversational abilities overcome language barriers.