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NEWS // June 5, 2017

ElderHelp of San Diego Helps Seniors Age in Place

With an aging population and a shortage of affordable housing, long-term care facilities in San Diego are costly and hard to come by, so many seniors want stay in their homes. ElderHelp, through the delivery of proactive and preventive services, is the safety net San Diego seniors count on to age in place with dignity and independence. Once a senior becomes a member of the ElderHelp family, staff and volunteers help them to manage their daily lives, promoting healthy and engaged living with health monitoring, friendly visiting to ward off loneliness, and trips to places in the community to keep them connected. This cycle of caring continues indefinitely, or until the senior chooses otherwise.

ElderHelp not about numbers, but prioritize individual, ongoing attention given to each senior who has chosen to join. The following is a true and not atypical story of one of ElderHelp’s seniors:

Jody connected with ElderHelp less than a year ago, but her energy and enthusiasm have made up for lost time. She is a lifelong and accomplished artist and was paired with another artist who volunteers for ElderHelp and who helps her organize her studio. Also a singer, Jody was matched with a young woman who sings professionally, and they share music and concerts together. Jodi is now able to be out and about because of ElderHelp’s volunteer drivers.

“I have been with ElderHelp over 10 months now. I am happy to say that my world has expanded since I have been a member of this wonderful organization,” said Jody. “As I have grown older, many of my friends have passed on, or have moved to be closer to family members. My world had become much smaller.”

“ElderHelp has improved my life beyond measure. The services they provide have made my life a lot easier, and enriched it in many ways. I have a sense of freedom.”

Beyond her special talents, Jody’s story is one of success. ElderHelp has many such stories of lonely lives fulfilled, special bonds made and renewed senses of freedom from their clients. Every time they hear such stories, with their outpouring of gratitude, ElderHelp feels fortunate that they are able to fulfill their mission and touch seniors’ lives.

ElderHelp has been helping seniors live successfully at home for 44 years. If you’d like to learn more or know someone who could benefit from their services, please call 619-284-9281.