NEWS // May 13, 2017

I Love A Clean San Diego Zero Waste Fair Provides Hands-On Learning

It is estimated that every person creates an average of 4.3 pounds of trash each day. While there are simple ways to reduce waste, the most impactful lifestyle change is going zero waste. While the term “zero waste” may be intimidating, going zero waste can be easier and more enjoyable than imagined. I Love A Clean San Diego shares some easy ways to get started on a zero waste path.

Zero waste is the process of eliminating reusable or repairable materials from ending up in the landfill. This means reevaluating and minimizing all of the single use items used on a daily basis, such as coffee cups, napkins, plastic cups, plastic utensils, etc. Working toward a zero waste lifestyle can help eliminate all of those items from going to the landfill.

Here are some quick and easy everyday items to use to get started:

  1. Reusable coffee cup – Switch out a daily paper coffee cup for a reusable option. Some coffee shops will even offer a discount if you bring in your own cup.
  2. Reusable water bottle – Ditch those plastic water bottles. Next time you need to hydrate, reach for a reusable water bottle, Mason jar or another alternative.  
  3. Cloth Napkins and Towels – Opt for cloth alternatives to napkins, paper towels, and similar household items that can be a large source of waste in any house. This helps to save money and adds a classy touch.
  4. Reusable bags – California instituted the single use plastic bag ban making this choice a bit more familiar. Reusable bags kept in your purse or car are an easy zero waste option. Don’t forget to bring them in while shopping other places than a grocery store (or skip any bag if you have only a few items).
  5. Produce bags – You can easily avoid more plastic bags by picking up a few mesh produce bags. This reusable option cuts out the bags you grab in grocery stores while grabbing fruits and veggies.

I Love A Clean San Diego strives to be a leader in the zero waste movement in San Diego County and is dedicated to educating communities. This month, along with Healthy Day Partners, they will be hosting their second annual Zero Waste Fair on June 17th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Ocean Knoll Farm. This event is sponsored by the City of Encinitas and aims to help educate community members on all things zero waste. Drop in to visit educational booths addressing topics such as bulk shopping, renewable energy, daily zero waste habits and more. Stick around to hear from a panel of zero waste experts from 11am to 12pm. Hands-on activities will be available for all ages, including planting a pollinator garden on site at Ocean Knoll Farm.

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