Multicultural Health Foundation helps African Americans lower Blood Pressure

NEWS // June 15, 2017

Multicultural Health Foundation Helps African Americans Lower Blood Pressure

The Multicultural Health Foundation works to bring health justice and wellness to the multicultural communities of San Diego by focusing resources on vulnerable populations and implementing community-based wellness strategies that eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities.

The Taking Control for Life Initiative is a home-based program that helps African Americans lower their blood pressure. The aim of the initiative is to lower high blood pressure in 300 African Americans by 2018. Hypertension, i.e. uncontrolled blood pressure, affects 38% of the population and is known as a "silent killer," resulting in unexpected heart attacks and strokes. As part of the program, African Americans aged 20 to 85 living in San Diego with blood pressure greater than 140/90 receive 4-weeks of free, intensive education, training, monitoring and blood pressure cuffs. Through pre-and post-evaluations, MHF has seen improvements in patients’ understanding concerning the causes, risks, and solutions for healing from cardiovascular disease, leading to more informed decisions about engaging in a healthier lifestyle.