Partnerships with Industry Raises Money By Running Miles

NEWS // June 17, 2017

Partnerships with Industry Raises Money by Running Miles

With a team of 12 runners and more than 40 volunteers, Partnerships With Industry (PWI) participated for the first time in the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon on January 15, 2017, along with thousands of other runners, walkers and cheerleaders. PWI’s team of volunteers helped ensure the safety of the runners along the course. PWI was pleased to offer its board members, staff, volunteers and donors an opportunity to participate in this high- profile community-wide event and to raise awareness for our organization. Everyone had a wonderful experience participating in this endurance event.

Runners ran 13.1 or 26.2 miles, and volunteers got a good workout in as well as the parking area was quite a distance to the course location as well as the PWI booth location near the finish line.  By the end of the day, everyone had walked or ran at least a few miles and felt fantastic!

PWI runners wore specially designed PWI running shirts to identify themselves as part of Team PWI. PWI volunteers cheered on all the runners, but were especially enthusiastic as members of Team PWI ran by.

"In addition to getting out there and running, we raised awareness for our organization as we ran for a wonderful reason,” said Barrett Lambert, PWI Board Chair and marathon runner. “Our tag line for the event says it all:  We Run For A Reason - We Run For Jobs!  It was a great day for PWI and for everyone interesting in living a healthy life."

PWI raised over $10,000 in critical funds for PWI's programs and services, and increased community awareness of our organization.  At their booth along the marathon course, PWI distributed healthy snacks, cheered on runners and sang a jingle to engage with the crowds. PWI plans on participating again in 2018, with the hopes of doubling the number of runners, volunteers and raising even more funds that benefit adults with disabilities in San Diego communities.