San Diego Office Of Education Boosts Student Engagement and Attendance

NEWS // June 5, 2017

San Diego Office Of Education Boosts Student Engagement and Attendance

It’s all about relationships! Understanding the value and power of relationships is essential in the work with schools.  Connections made in and out of the classroom are directly tied to attendance.  In September, San Diego County administrators, counselors, social workers, nurses and other school staff spent a day with colleagues to learn about best practices, latest trends, and strategies for building and maintaining engagement with youth and families.

Session topics included: connecting and supporting youth on probation and in transition, curbing chronic absenteeism, drug trends, peer mediation as an engagement tool, restorative practices in a SART/SARB setting, supporting military children and families, supporting LGBTQ, truancy diversion court and DA mediation.

While many superintendents identified a need for services related to childhood obesity, nutrition, and other health and wellness topics, behavioral health stood out as the most widespread issue that schools were tackling.  Regional breakouts took place with Behavioral Health Services partners to discuss solutions for the problems that schools were facing, and help build strong partnerships to achieve the wellness goals identified by superintendents, and meet the needs of the student population.