5K Fitness Challenge Photo of Runners NEar County Building

NEWS // June 7, 2018

5K Fitness Challenge Increases Physical Activity of Residents to Help Prevent Obesity and Other Chronic Disease

Starting on July 1, 2018, the Live Well San Diego 5K Fitness Challenge is back with a new daily fitness program designed to help participants increase their physical activity and train to walk, jog or run in the Live Well San Diego 5K scheduled for July 29, 2018. 

Participants can opt-in to receive daily notifications via email, text or Google calendar that will offer fitness challenges and supportive training tips to encourage participants to activate their fitness goals toward a healthier, safer and more thriving life.

The 2018 5K Fitness Challenge training schedule outlines the average run/walk time, distance or additional steps participants need to complete each day to get prepared for the Live Well San Diego 5K by the end of the month. The training plan was developed in partnership with Live Well San Diego Recognized Partners Everywon, Inc., Infinitely Fit, Sirius Fitness, American Council on Exercise and the County of San Diego’s Employee Wellness Program.

Last year’s challenge had 1,373 email/text subscriptions and 1,168 downloads of the Google Calendar, with 94 Live Well San Diego Recognized Partners providing supporting content to help keep participants healthy and on track. A series of group walks, a social media campaign (#LiveWell31Day) and the 5K community event and wellness expo helped connect participants with the shared purpose of improving their physical activity and overall health.

A survey was deployed on the last day of the 2017 challenge and a follow-up survey was deployed 2 months later to determine if participants continued to stay physically active since the challenge.

  • 54% of survey respondents participated in the Live Well San Diego 5K
  • 94% of survey respondents continued to stay physically active after completing the challenge
  • 42% of survey respondents who participated in the challenge and continued to stay physically active increased the number of minutes of moderate physical activity they got per week after completing the challenge.

Here’s what a few of last year’s participants said about the Challenge:

“I have lost 15 lbs. I really enjoy these challenges. They motivate me and remind me the importance of living well. Thank you.”

“I have learned to prepare for the 5K walks with this challenge. It was very helpful in regard to building up to race day. I have completed two 5K walks since and am doing another October 1st.”

“I actually started biking the 4 miles to work several times each day! I even ride my son on my bike and he loves being out on the road with me. The challenge kick-started better habits for me and my family. I even have a co-worker who started walking to work the mile and a half because she sees me biking to work.”

The 5K Fitness Challenge is for everyone! Whether people plan to attend the Live Well San Diego 5K on July 29th or just want to live a healthier, more active life, they are welcome to sign up today.

Participants can sign up for the 5K Fitness Challenge by visiting and choose to be notified via email or text or by downloading the complete 31-Day Google Calendar.

To sign-up for the 31-Day Fitness Challenge, visit

To register for the Live Well San Diego 5K, visit