NEWS // June 2018

Best Start Birth Center Has a New Location

Author: Roberta Frank, CNM, Best Start Birth Center

After nearly 30 years, Best Start Birth Center has moved to a new location that offers convenient freeway access, parking, and a more modern design. This new facility makes it easier for moms and their chosen ones to enjoy their childbearing experiences with the Best Start midwives and staff.

Best Start Birth Center has served San Diego’s families for decades, by providing access to women with MediCal, TriCare and commercial insurances who desire personalized care. Best Start provides a space where the beauty of natural birth can be experienced. Natural (physiologic) birth with a midwife provides good outcomes with a low rate of cesarean section, high rate of successful breastfeeding, low rate of interventions and satisfied, informed, and empowered moms and families- a beautiful memory for mom and her dear ones.

Best Start Birth Center has been a model of good outcomes for decades, and expects to provide this option to San Diego well into the future. Good short and long-term outcomes reduce the costs of childbirth, thus giving a direct financial benefit to the community as well as enhancing family life.

The Grand Opening was attended by past, present and future clients and their families, as well as  hundreds of partners and supporters. Toni Atkins, President pro Tempore of the California State Senate, was an honored guest. Senator Atkins is a long time champion of women's healthcare and supporter of the Best Start model of care.