Cardiff School District Encourages Students to Walk to School

NEWS // May 28, 2018

Cardiff School District Encourages Students to Walk to School

Author: Julie Parker, Principal, Cardiff School 

Cardiff School District’s Walk/Bike to School Wednesday program encourages families and students to commute to school via walking, biking or rolling instead of being driven by car. The goals of the program, which takes place at both schools in the district, are to educate students and parents about pedestrian/bike routes and safety rules, ease morning congestion, and foster the physical and environmental benefits of walking/biking. In the 2017-18 school year, more than half of all students participated in Walk/Bike to School Wednesday.

The first Wednesday of each month is designated as Walk/Bike to School Wednesday. Families are informed and reminded about the event via the schools' electronic communication system. Students are given charms, prizes, and snacks as incentive awards for participation.

The school district receives support for the program through parent donations, SANDAG, and iCommute San Diego. The San Diego Bike Coalition also provided a free bike safety assembly for all students.

Additionally, the schools hold a contest to celebrate the classroom with the most participation. The reward for highest class participation is an extra P.E. class with fruit for snacks at the end of the year. The contest also provides a mechanism for administration to evaluate participation in the program.  The response has been very positive; students are excited and love the program.

The Cardiff School District strongly believes that helping children to start safe walking and cycling habits early will benefit them and their community now and into the future.