National Veterans Transition Services REBOOT Program Helps Homeless Veterans

NEWS // July 28, 2017

National Veterans Transition Services REBOOT Program Helps Homeless Veterans

National Veterans Transition Services joined the fight to support homeless veterans by partnering with the San Diego Housing Commission and the Veterans Administration, among other sister agencies, to help homeless veterans get off the street and into safe housing and on a path to a life of dignity and gainful employment through the REBOOT program.

To accomplish this, the National Veterans Transition Services REBOOT program works with a host of community partners to provide training and skills that help veterans transition to a workplace environment. The first phase of training provides general soft skills to participants take place in the Military and Veterans Resource Center in National City. During the three-week REBOOT camp phase, veterans receive additional support from one of 10 veteran service providers operating at the center and a served with a hot meal provided daily by Meals on Wheels. The second phase of training involves job skills through one of ten training partners. The final phase ends with community reintegration to include job coaching, placement assistance, and follow-up mentoring and coaching.

On Friday, July 28, 2017 five veteran residents of the Churchill Hotel graduated from REBOOT Class 90.

“In 2013 I became homeless and two years later began living in veterans transitional housing," explained Luis Milan, a graduate of the REBOOT program. "I now live in subsidized housing at the Hotel Churchill where my caseworker told me about the REBOOT Workshop. I decided to attend the workshop, hoping that it would change things for the better. I will never regret that decision.”

He further explains, “After nearly eight years of unemployment, I started feeling lost, alone and in despair. In the REBOOT program the facilitators explained how my thinking was affecting me negatively. They showed me different ways let go of the negative thinking and start thinking positively. It wasn’t just the facilitators but my “classmates” - other vets and those transitioning out of the military - also helped me. I met a wonderful group of people while attending REBOOT. I only wished that I had heard about REBOOT sooner. I think my life would have a different outcome if I had…I would vigorously recommend the REBOOT Workshop to all veterans, as well as those transitioning out of the military.”