Oasis Member Extraordinaire: Nancy Bordner

NEWS // June 24, 2018

Oasis Member Nancy Weaver Makes Connections to Stay Active

Author: Jolyn Parker, VP External Relations, San Diego Oasis

“I look at my life as such a valuable thing that you can’t take a chance at not enjoying every day of it.  The world is moving so fast.  Find connections however you can.  Realize that limitations are coming, and that if you have been active, you have tools that can sustain you.  Find an Oasis!”

Meet Nancy Bordner Weaver, class taker, supporter, volunteer and one of San Diego Oasis' best ambassadors.  She has taken almost 250 classes at Oasis since she joined us in 2010 and has journals to prove it.  Nancy loves to stay current so she takes notes on class material in order to follow up with more research on topics she finds interesting.  She is currently filling journal number 4 and is patiently waiting for the next catalog to decide what new classes to take.  She and her son, Chris, compare notes on classes they think they will take together.  (Chris is also a member, supporter and volunteer at Oasis).  Her daughter, who lives in Connecticut, also attends some classes with Mom whenever she comes for a visit.

When Nancy, 86, and her husband retired, they decided to relocate to Connecticut to be near family.  She searched for things to do, but didn’t find much for retired people that stimulated the brain.  She had a friend who would regularly talk about feeling lonely, but also couldn’t find any outlet that would help her to remain engaged and find new friends.  Wanting to also spend time with her son Chris who lived and worked in San Diego, she and her husband spent winters in San Diego and summers in Connecticut until finally they decided San Diego would be their permanent home.  Through a friend and member of Oasis who lived close by, Nancy was introduced to Oasis and has been coming ever since.