Opportunities Abound for Older Adults to Help Youth Discover Their Gifts

NEWS // June 15, 2018

Older Adults Living Well in the City of San Marcos

Author: Usman Akram, NEOP Student Intern, County of San Diego, Health & Human Services Agency 

For an aging population, it is often difficult to get all the resources, activities and services needed at one location. The Senior Activity Center located in the City of San Marcos offers all this and more to interested older adults who are looking for a place to engage in activities, events, and celebrations. The center has a great impact in the community of San Marcos and serves 300 to 500 residents daily through its mission of promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for those aged 50 years and older.

The center hosts activities and events for older adult residents such as exercise classes, nutrition programs, and health and wellness workshops. Activities are tailored to accommodate specific ages and abilities.

“With so many class options and reasonably priced food, there’s something for everyone,” shared Larry Fetterly and Audrey White, both active members at the San Marcos Activity Senior Center.

The focus of many of the activities at the center is to bring youth and older adults together for events such as the Intergenerational (IG) Games which are held every spring. The IG Games aim to bridge the gap between children and the senior community by incorporating fun-filled games, healthy life-style presentations, and competitive activities that partner these generations together to accomplish a shared goal. This year’s IG Games in San Marcos had 70 older adults and 60 youth participating in Olympic-style competitions and featured an inspirational presentation from Becky Jackman, a Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming title-holder.

“We couldn’t do what we do without [volunteers]!” exclaimed Andrea Gonzalez, Recreation Supervisor, referring to the more than 100 volunteers who helped provide services and programs that are offered to seniors. The San Marcos Senior Activity Center looks forward to welcoming new volunteers, recurring seniors, and new seniors to its exciting upcoming events this year.  

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