Help Prevent Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Your Community

NEWS // February 8, 2018

Help Prevent Alcohol and Drug Use in Your Community

From neighborhood clean-ups to crime prevention activities, from resource sharing fairs to fitness and recreational meet-ups, community events help improve quality of life for San Diego County residents.    

In particular, resident engagement activities are helping to strenthen the impact of regional alcohol and other drug (AOD) prevention projects. AOD projects give residents and stakeholders a venue where they can work together to address alcohol and other drug-related problems in their neighborhoods, such as a liquor store or market that does not check IDs or a local bar that continues to over serve intoxicated patrons resulting in high risk negative behavior like violence or driving under the influence.  No matter the specific issue of concern, residents can participate in regional events to show their support of AOD prevention.

Each regional AOD prevention project has a team of community organizers, prevention specialists and media advocacy staff working with adults and youth to build leadership skills, increase knowledge on factors that contribute to AOD-related problems, and identify strategies to improve a community’s overall public health and safety. These prevention projects are supported by the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services and coordinated regionally by the following community organizations: SAY San Diego, the Institute for Public Strategies, Vista Community Clinic and Mental Health Systems

Each regional organization collaborates with other community groups to involve local residents and stakeholders in the planning of each neighborhood event or activity and encourages their participation in engaging the community in AOD prevention.

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Learn more about each of the AOD prevention projects below: