Harmonium Helps Families Move Forward with Courage and Hope

NEWS //April 4, 2018

Harmonium Helps Families Move Forward with Courage and Hope

Article submitted by Rosa Ana Lozada, Harmonium San Diego

Have you or your family ever been affected by a child’s challenging behavior? Have you ever felt sad or depressed? Do you know someone who struggles with alcohol or substance use?

These are just some of the challenges faced by families and youth who participate in the Family Youth Support Partnership program facilitated by Harmonium. Family Youth Support Partnership has a team of individuals that provide support, linkages and resources to children and youth ages 0-25 and their families to promote mental health wellness and self-sufficiency. Services are designed to teach alternative coping strategies, and to identify ways for parents and/or youth to effectively advocate for themselves and their children.

Those served by the Family Youth Support Partnership often find themselves at a loss for how to navigate and access essential systems such as special education, law enforcement and physical and behavioral health services. Harmonium’s Family Support Partners apply non-adversarial techniques to support families by providing a listening ear without judgement, and use a strength-based approach when assisting with continuity of treatment, linkages to resources and transitions between programs.

“The Family Youth Partner helped me lower Michael’s tantrums and get legal guardianship,” said Mrs. Williams, a participant who takes care of Michael, her 12-year-old grandson who was experiencing speech challenges and temper tantrums. “There were supportive in helping me access free legal services to ensure Michael’s placement in an appropriate educational program. I really thank my Family Support Partner for respecting my culture and values.”

Committed to de-stigmatizing mental health, Harmonium’s Family Youth Support Partnership works collaboratively with various community groups in Southeastern San Diego to find culturally and linguistically relevant ways to improve access to social services. First established in 2002, FYSP is staffed by an ethnically diverse team with lived experience and supervised by a licensed mental health clinician. The FYSP Team understands that life challenges such as physical health, limited resources, education, employment, legal issues, and daily life experiences can affect mental health and wellbeing and are dedicated to strengthening families. They serve clients with compassion, commitment, dedication and respect.

For more information about the Family Youth Support Partnership program, please contact 858-226-1982 or visit